Cholesterol Does Not Kill But This Misconception Will

If you target the wrong enemy, you will lose the war sooner or later.

Especially if it’s a war for your health, or even life…

Cholesterol has been blamed as the notorious culprit responsible for heart attack, congestive coronary arteries, carotid blockage, stroke, and almost any scary diseases known to men. Being told you have “high cholesterol” is taken as a sign of an unhealthy destiny.

Here is an interesting fact:

More than half of people who die of heart disease have normal cholesterol levels!

Yes, Half — that’s God’s magic number of 50/50. Other words for that are “Random”, or “Totally By Chance”, or — “Irrelevant”!

Some researchers actually said 75%, and they pointed out that cholesterol has never been clinically demonstrated to cause a single heart attack…

Even more, research suggests that for many elderly people the news that they have “high cholesterol” is more often associated with good health and longevity.

That does sound shocking, considering all the attention, resources, time and money that have been spent on cholesterol. More importantly, our health might get into jeopardy because of this misinformation.

Let’s look into cholesterol, and explain it in plain, patient-friendly words.

The word “Patient” here should be put in quotation mark, because many of these people are either really not sick, or in a state of limbo. Most of them could control their own destiny, if they had a little more complete knowledge before eagerly taking harsh, side-effects loaded chemical medicines without questioning anything.

Cholesterol is an organic molecule that is essential for all animal life. It is vital for the formation and maintenance of cell walls, and is needed by our brain’s nerve cells. The liver uses it to make bile for digestion of fats. It is necessary for the absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K).

Cholesterol is needed for creation of vital hormones, including sex hormones. Those hormones have huge impacts on body’s function. Cholesterol helps support the immune system. It serves as an antioxidant in the body, and the body sends cholesterol from the liver to places of inflammation and tissue damage to help repair it.

You might ask: How this important life “ingredient” could hideously plan to kill us, in the deadliest way, at the most unexpected moment, by the most important organs — the heart and brain?

Isn’t that God Damned? Isn’t that anti-evolution, and anti-nature? There must be reasons other than those we are told, that cholesterol is the cause of plaque blockage.

What exactly is the process of plaque-forming, which is, much safer to say, directly responsible for heart attack and stroke?

A plaque is a collection of dead white blood cells (primarily macrophages who eat wastes or poisonous “alien” particles in blood, and its death in scale is called inflammation) and lipids (a general collection of molecules incapable of mixing well with water, including fats, oils, waxes, phospholipids and steroids, and cholesterol is just one of them).

Since lipids cannot mix well with water, they are transported in a parcel called lipoprotein. All biochemists can confirm that all cholesterol molecules throughout the known universe are identical in every respect. So the well-known “HDL” (High Density Lipoprotein) and “LDL” (Low Density Lipoprotein) are just the names of different parcels. The “goods” within them are exactly the same.

The large parcels of fatty nutrients (LDL lipids, or “LDL Cholesterol”) sent by the liver are consumed by our organs, and the smaller wrappers of fatty left-over lipids (HDL Lipids, or “HDL Cholesterol”) return to the liver. The fatty nutrients (LDL) and the recycled lipids (HDL) are in balance, then the body functions well. Such a healthy-lipid but “High-Cholesterol” person is well nourished and likely to have a long and healthy life. You have nothing to worry about.

The problem is not LDL or HDL themselves. Sugar, especially refined sugar, could damage lipids. If the total cholesterol in blood is high but the fatty nutrient droplets (LDLs) have sugar-damaged labels, the supply of fatty nutrients to organs would be broken. Because —

The organs are unable to recognize and feed on them!

So, the liver continues to supply fatty nutrients (albeit with damaged LDL labels), but the organs’ receptors are unable to recognize them.

The organs thus become starved of their fatty nutrients. Like badly labelled parcels in a postal service,

The sugar-damaged lipids build up in the blood (raised LDL)
and fewer empty wrappers are returned to the liver (low HDL).

LDL (erroneously called “bad” cholesterol) is raised in the blood, awaiting clearance by the liver.
There is less HDL (erroneously called “good” cholesterol) being returned by the organs.

High cholesterol when caused by damage to the LDL lipid parcels is a sign that lipid circulation is broken. These fats (LDL) will be scavenged to become visceral fats, deposited around the abdomen. This type of damage is associated with poor health.

So it really doesn’t matter how high your total cholesterol is.

What really counts is the damaged condition of the blood’s fatty nutrient parcels (LDL lipids).
Researches show the major cause of lipid damage was sugar-related.

Researchers now think that plaque is formed in the following way:

Lipoprotein particles, wastes and poisonous particles in the blood stream, are absorbed into the artery wall, this attracts white cell macrophages that eat the particles. This process typically starts in childhood.

Oxidized lipoprotein particles and wastes in the artery wall are an irritant. They cause the release of “signal” proteins which attract white blood cells.

This “signal” proteins also do another help: by inducing the artery lining cells to display adhesion molecules to attract white blood cells. That is, by making the artery wall “sticky”, so white blood cells can quickly assemble and fight in groups. These artery lining cells contain “sensors” that can feel the blood flowing through, regulate artery wall remodeling, and coordinate the recruitment of inflammatory cells to the site of injury or infection.

The white blood cells then squeeze into the artery wall.

Once inside, they will start ingesting the oxidized lipoprotein particles and waste particles. They are so overloaded with oxidized lipoprotein particles and waste particles, that they are vividly called foam cells. Some of these white cells die, releasing their fat and membrane particle (made of cholesterol too) into the intercellular space. This attracts more white cells to come and join the fight.

As you could imagine, this inflammation process could easily become chronic.

The result? Plaque builds up in arteries.

When time is right (definitely not right for us), this inflammation is combined with other stresses, such as high blood pressure and extreme emotions. It can cause the thin covering over the plaque to split, spilling the contents of the oatmeal-like plaque into the bloodstream. This micro-eruption, like a volcano eruption with lava, leads to blood clotting.

As we age, excessive amounts of free sugars in the blood may eventually cause damage to lipids quicker than the body can repair it.

The worst of all is refined sugars. The refined sugars is 10 times more reactive, and therefore more dangerous than our normal blood sugar (glucose).

Since the 1970s we have been using increasing quantities of refined sugars. Its appealing sweetness, and ability to suppress the “no longer hungry” receptor is driving excessive food consumption. Its ability to damage our fatty nutrients and lipid circulation is also driving serious health problems and waist-line obesity.

If the process continues and the body is not able to restore the condition of the artery back to a healthy state, a blood clot can eventually completely block an artery, causing an occlusion (closing of the artery). The heart tissue or brain tissue downstream of the occlusion is then deprived of blood and oxygen. The heart muscle cells and brain cells in that area die, causing a heart attack or stroke.

To blame all problems on cholesterol is convenient, lazy, selectively ignorant, and simply unethical.

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