Disrupting Knowledge of Esophagus Cancer

I’m sure this will disrupt your knowledage of Esophagus Cancer.

So just hold tight… for this 3-minute reading.

Let’s put the word “cancer” aside, for now.

First of all, this is not “newly” discovered. It’s been known for too long—it’s only that very few people know it now.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, can be dated back to more than 5,000 years ago. Many widely respected medical professionals think it is a totally different science, in countless ways more powerful than modern medical science.

In its bible, The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor, it specifically talks about Esophagus cancer—it doesn’t label it as cancer, of course, but simply “Dysphagia“, or difficulty in swallowing.

痰饮,or retention of phlegm and fluid in esophagus, or the tissues blocking the esophagus, is its direct cause.

The Medical Classic further points out that, every organs, not only lungs—but also heart, liver, spleens and kidneys, can produce phlegms.

The most well known is the phlegm from lungs. Another most important organ is Spleen. If weak, spleen can produces a lot of phlegms inside (but mostly stay deep inside muscles and arteries etc, and can not be coughed up to be seen).

Lungs and Spleen are the most important organs responsible for “Digesting”, transforming, and transporting water. It sounds stranger, but water does need to be “digested”, so it could be used by all part of the body. Strange but this process happens all the time inside our body.

If organs are weak, they cannot fully do their job, and they produce phlegms. Phlegm is just “Poorly Digested” water or fluid.

The problem is: it’s no longer in a totally fluid form. It is a composition of half-processed, sticky, thick, materials. As the MATERIALS Grow, they block the Esophagus, and stay in there.

So the solution is simple: just dissolve those goddam things!

If you are interested, just contact us for more information. We will let you know more details, about a couple of amazing herbs that specifically dissolve THE phlegms, and about how to boost organs’ functions to cause no more blockings again.

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