Herb and Diamond-Grade Curing Power

This is well-known, but still making it no less than a miracle in nature — Diamond, the world’s hardest material, and Graphite, the softest, are both made up of the same Carbon.

One is hard enough to cut glass, while the other is used as lubricant for its soft smoothness.

Why is such an extreme difference?

When you ask a scientist, he will tell you this is due to the extreme pressure and temperature 500 miles beneath the earth. Going through this process for billions of years, common carbon turns into diamond…

There are similar miracles existed in nature.

If correctly explored, they could be much, much more useful for people living in today’s world.

They exist in herbs.

One of the extraordinary herbs is called Snow Lotus. As its name suggests, it only grows in high altitude mountains, in rigid cold environment covered by frozen snow.

Because the temperature is so low, in order to survive, this plant has to evolve and fight the harsh cold all its life.

The outcome: Snow Lotus becomes such a precious herb that it can make your body feel energetic and hot like on fire (it’s not spicy), even for people who tend to have cold hands and feet in summer time.

When a group of scientists analyzed the extracts from Snow Lotus in lab, they found that its components are not so mysterious or magic. Most are minerals, acids and vitamins that you could find in many more ordinary plants, like rice.

But you don’t eat rice and feel like on fire.

This is like the difference between diamond and graphite.

This herb has been hammered by nature in its most extreme environment all its life. It has a strong character because of what it has been through.

It’s no ordinary herb. Just like diamond is no ordinary carbon.

For thousands of years, doctors have been using herbs’ unusual characters to cure diseases. Some of the diseases are toughest, or deadliest, even by modern medical standards. But almost magically some herbs could cure them.

For instance, SweetWormwood has been known for hundreds of years for curing malaria. A Chinese research team led by a woman scientist successfully took an extract from it. This extract cures even the worst malaria almost instantly, with no need for any antibiotics or painkillers at all. It is one of the most effective medicine for malaria known by mankind. The United Nations use it to save millions of lives in Africa alone. That lady scientist received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015 just for this.
No disease is so deadly and life-threatening than the one that cuts off your precious blood supply to your heart and brain, and cause heart attack and stroke. It happens unknowingly, like a sneaky silent killer growing within your body. This minute a man feels perfectly well, and next minute he could be stricken down unexpectedly!

People eat more sugar, fat, salt and don’t exercise regularly. Such extreme diseases are more common among us than before – Every 25 seconds, an American is put to the rest by his very first heart attack or stroke.

Regular medicine is often not enough, as Father of Medicine Hippocrates says, “Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases.

You need diamond-like medicine.

You need nature’s bad boys that have strong characters, that have never given in to the toughest challenge from their environment, that are powerfully effective, that can work collaboratively with the body to eliminate the root causes of the deadliest diseases.

One good thing about herbs is that they don’t do unexpected harm to body, unlike statins that could damage liver and memory in months or years to come. Herbs can be both curing and nourishing, and offer the precious nutrients needed by our body.

Extracting technology is not all about dissolving and distilling. More advanced technology can keep the active ingredients from herbs, like picking diamond from rock.

That’s how we produce SoftenClean. It contains “the best of the best for curing all blood related diseases”, and brings health to congestive heart and arteries.

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