Living With Tigers – How to Own Your Heart Health Strategy

China’s Yin Yang theory has it that our body is an advanced system, like a small universe.

In this universe, each part is inter-depended and correlated. Each organ has its “upstream” supporter organs and “downstream” surportee organs. If one is weakened, others will be affected or depressed, either directly or indirectly.

The body’s power is unfathomable. Thinking of our body as a computer or a machine, is a total understatement.

The words “Yin” and “Yang” represent two balancing forces. For instance, today our body is fine. But tomorrow we might get a cold. This cold inside body makes the “Yin” force stronger than the “Yang” force, and break the balance.

The body then reacts to restore it, by a fever, to strengthen the “Yang” force, until new balance is reached and our health returns to normal.

Then how about the toxins we eat, the waste particles we drink, and the air pollution we breathe?

They cause more complicated imbalance inside the body, and as a result, often lead to chronic or rare diseases.

Our body is a living thing. If you have been on cholesterol-lowering or blood-pressure-lowering medicines for years, your body has already got used to them (good medicines fit your body, but harsh medicines make your body fit them). Some adjustments are forced and unwanted, as side effects can cause damages to organs, making the whole body in a state of reduced vigor without showing any ailment for a long time.

This is often the case for most “symptom-focused” chemical medicines. These symptoms are measured by medical devices and are indicated in numbers, like Cholesterol or Triglyceride in our health report, accurate to decimal points.

You can easily see how your medicines can change the numbers, and be assured how they have “nicely” done their job (as supported by the numbers, in black and white). Symptoms are changed and under control. This is a “symptom-focused” approach.

This “assurance” usually turns out to be quite costly. Because your medicines stop at there, and they don’t intend to dig deeper to show you if the numbers shed more light on the root cause of the disease, or even represent the cause (in the cholesterol case) at all.

They don’t go “upstream” to fix the root cause, nor go “downstream” to repair the consequences.

You should not rely your health on this path only.

Well-prepared herbal medicines often take time to take effect. They cure the body in a much gentle way, and they are more like foods in some sense.

Treatments represented by herbal medicine use a totally different approach, or strategy. It is “root-cause-focused”, or “balance-restoring” focused.

They are not intended to just change some numbers. They are focused on coordinating the Yin and Yang forces within the body and restoring the balance. If organ A is going weak, the herbal medicines look far beyond just strengthening organ A. They strengthen its “upstream” organs — the organs that support this weak organ A, and the “downstream” organs (because organ A is too weak to support them) as well.

So that a stable and long-lasting Yin Yang balance of the body could be reached.

You see:

This is the difference between “symptom-focused” and “root-cause-focused” health strategy

Chances are, when you switch or try something new, you will need a little time to let your body adjust itself before the new path could do any good for you.

Current healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry is more concerned with turning people into patients than curing the disease. Correctly explained by themselves, they are in a “symptoms management” business. Sometimes their targeted symptoms are not even right, like the so-called “bad” cholesterol LDL. Anyway, a disease cured is a customer lost.

The new health guidelines “enlist” more and more people as patients, and you can’t believe how greedy it is. We are “customers”. We “consume” disease treatments. As long as we see treatment results — the changed symptoms and reduced numbers, service is delivered and transaction is complete. We are the meat in a “big market”.

You must realize this.

Here are three major root-cause-focused health strategies:

Herbal medicines or effective herbal supplements
Serious lifestyle change
Correct diets

They are not just the “alternative” treatments. Being called “second path” does not mean they are “second” in importance. This is the path through which you could get back control of your own health.

You need to try. And act now.

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