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Sansen and Softenclean a Winning Combination Oct/2021

I had a major heart attack in May 2020 during the height of Covid 19. I went
by helicopter to Darthmouth Hitchcock for major Coronary Artery Surgery. After
5 weeks in the Hospital I stayed home for 9 months watching tv mostly. I went back to work in March of this year and have been doing o'k but no energy and
mostly working and sleeping. I discovered some comments concerning Sansen
and Softenclean on the net so I began reading all the testimonials and I was
very impressed. I ordered both Sansen and Softenclean about a month ago
and for me the positive results came within a few days of taking my first doses.
The first benefits I noticed right away were more energy and better sleep. I had
to push up on the armrests of my chair to stand up and I was unsteady walking
after sitting awhile. I could suddenly jump up out of my chair and felt like I could
run around the house. After a week or two I had a remarkable reduction in
chest pain and I no longer get shooting pains in my chest. My sleep is much
more restful and I feel better after waking up. with more energy. My blood
pressure is lower and I'm much more calm and feel at peace most of the time.
I can honestly state Sansen and Softenclean have had a remarkable impact
on my heart health and energy level. I wish the price was lower so I could buy
more product and give it to friends and relatives. John B St. Johnsbury, Vt.

Sansen - Month Pack 10% Off
robert b. (Ellington, US)
Life changing

This product has helped me sleep again , I can breath better also can walk a distance with Not having chest pain. Ty

Sansen - Month Pack 10% Off
Abelardo T. (Houston, US)

Feeling better each day

Sansen - Quarter Pack 20% Off
Christopher D. (Antioch, US)
Heart burn cure

This works great on my heart burn that's for sure but also makes my pee smell like fish which is weird

Stanley S. (Crown Haven, BS)
An excellent product

Package arrived on time and started taking the caps and I am already feeling the difference.

Sansen (Original Name Top Sanchi)
Donald D. (Decatur, US)

I will have to wait or my cardiologIist to check for blocked arteries before I will know whether it is working; subjectively, I can say that I believe it is working well.

Soften clean

This is a great product feel great after using this product no more heat problems and plenty of energy highly effective product

SoftenClean Monthly Pack - Get 10% SAVING!
Luretta M. (Birmingham, GB)

They are not for me but, the person I got them for is very please with the product.
He said that taking Softenclean gave him a boost. It makes him feel better within himself. Will continue to purchase.


i love it. it is doing what you said it would. great, great stuff

Excellent Product

My cardiologist is a lot happier with my condition since I started taking Soft & Clean

Soften Clean

Seems to be working for me after a heart attack on 31 January. Happy to have found it.

Lanna R. (Terrell, US)
Swelling going down

So far the swelling in my legs and feet are going down, so I feel some of the calcification is being addressed. Thank you.

Craig C. (Dacula, US)
Soften Clean Works !! Its both Excellent and Effective !!

I have notice a big difference in my health since I have been taking Soften Clean. I started taking it a few weeks ago and already I feel better. I highly recommend this product to anyone feeling skeptical about its benefits. Take it consistently and you will see the results. Its wonderful to find something that actually works !!

Real deal

Does exactly what it says on the bottle. Excellent product, has improved my health greatly. You don't need big pharma, you need these.

Edwin C. (Spring Hill, US)

Very good product . I feel much better. I want to re-order. 2 bottles of 100 each.

So far Im feeling much better

After taking Soften Clean for one month I have noticed a considerable difference in my breathing & my heart seems to be staying in rythum. Nice! I have a several heart attacks and feel much better.

Lowered blood pressure


Sansen (Original Name Top Sanchi)
Linton B. (Palm Beach Gardens, US)
Great product

Greatly reduced shortness of breath. Will keep using!!

SoftenClean Monthly Pack - Get 10% SAVING!
William E. (Philadelphia, US)

Awesome works great blood pressure is normal will be ordering again soon

The Real Deal

Soften Clean and Sansen do exactly as advertised!! I had a blood clot in the artery of my right eye over 3 months ago. But, after a doctor visit last week, I was informed that the clot is gone!!! I was blown away by the news. I've been using both, and it has been pretty expensive. But its well worth it to me because its actually clearing plaque from my arteries. Im going to retake the Carotid test in another 8 months or so, and im confident my arteries will be in great shape. Thanks so much Shebal!!

Great product, I believe it's working.

James R. (Santa Rosa, US)
I am not sure yet as i only ordered one bottle

Although, I only took one bottle , I have ordered more , along with IMMUNCAN and I will be in a better position later.
SoftenClean is working on my Cholesterol, LDL, etc plus my diet. I have not got back my ultral sound on my heart , neck and abdominal yet until August 11, 2021 so I will let you know. I

I will comment on my wife ONLY took 1 of your ImmunCan and her nasal polyps shrunk in her sinuses which was about to come out her nose. Also improved her asthma. After years of sinus surgeries to remove her nasal polpys she is thrilled to say the least.

Great stuff!

Had chest pain and started taking Softenclean and pain went far, so good!


This is by far the best product I have ever tried! I have moderate stenosis of the right carotid and my blood pressure was out of control. Now my blood pressure is great. Im on 3 medications and they weren't working. Trust me, I tried everything out there and spent hundreds and thousands of dollars. Sansen really works!!!

Soften clean

I think soften clean is a superb product it is working for me thank you Paul UK

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