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I,ve been on these for 2 weeks and I already feel the benefits.I,m breathing better and have had no angina attacks.I will continue to buy these and have recommended them to friends. I,m a very happy customer

Great stuff I think I can feel it working.

Life saver

I took my blood pressure every hour I averaged 160/ 90, I started on this product taking six of them a day within three weeks my blood pressure averages 125/70 now.

Soften Clean

Excellent product,works for me. Colesterol and trigliceridos went down drastically and my chest pain is gone.

Breathing Better/No Angina pain

This product is truly true to what it's good for. Prior to taking Soften Clean I was on Isosorbide Mononitrate for Angina. I have since stop taking it and am currently using Soften Clean. The first day I was able to notice a difference in my breathing. I will be ordering again. Now if I can just get something for my joints and muscles.

great service

keep up the good work😇

To soon

I had chest pressure with tiredness after 1/2 mile walk. Took a stress test and was shown to have reduced heart function. I Increased exercise, got off cholesterol. Taking this supplement, aged garlic, co q10, krill supplements and a baby aspirin .
After one month I can walk 1.8 miles at a fast clip before I get the chest pressure. I'm walking an average of 1.5 miles a day up hills. I feel a 10% increase in energy. I'm 77 and believe I'm turning this around. Turned down a stint a month ago and am happy with my decision so far. If I die I'll let you know.

I've taken this for over a year

And will not be without it.
I do not keep track of blood pressure but I do feel its helped my issues. The pain that was present is gone. It helped a thing I call "heavy head" almost immediately.
I have no trouble walking a good half mile when before I could not walk a block without unbearable pain and shortness of breath. I have recommended to quite a few people. I would not do that if it did not help me immensely.

Top Sanchi

Good so far

Safety net!

I am doing well on your product, it is my heart's safety net!


I started taking this product about 8 days ago. I hope it helps with my circulation but I have no idea if it is working yet or not. I hope and pray that it works.

Wow, what a difference.

I finally found an herbal product that seems to work! I had to have a stent put in and felt a little funky after the procedure. I started taking Soften Clean about two weeks after the procedure and from day one I felt better. Try it!

Even though it has only been a few days of use, I believe I can feel a difference. I am waiting to see what time will bring. Also waiting for an answer to my three emails

Angina Relief

Thanks for providing a product which helped relieve my chest pains. I really appreciate that !

soft clean n sanchi

still taking it
will order again

Fantastic experience

I had no problems in putting my order in everything went along smoothly and if I did need to talk to someone they were right there for me to help out a hundred percent your company is I would definitely recommend it to anyone I give your company five stars

Appreciate Shebal customer service and Quality of supplments

I was without the SoftClean for approximately 7 days and I was beginning to feel a difference in my heart rate and muscle.

Deep appreciate the Associates of Shebal and the quality of the products.

The medicine that really works

This herbal medicine is the miracle cure people are looking for to get better from the inside out. I have already tried one bottle and it was a very noticeable change in my life. I felt better, I have more energy, and I just feel good all day. This is the way medicine should be made. And the best part is that there's no side effects, like modern medicine. I just want to say thank you for saving my heart. Sincerely Daniel

Just Began Use

Although I just began using the product, it seems to be working to alleviate my issues with some chest pain and difficulty in exerting myself at times. I plan to continue use to determine if it will help permanently. Thank you, David

Just Began Use

Although I just began using the product, it seems to be working to alleviate my issues with some chest pain and difficulty in exerting myself at times. I plan to continue use to determine if it will help permanently. Thank you, David

So far I love it.

Almost immediately, my breathing and endurance improved. I'm really hoping for great things from this product.

Soft and cleanse

Felt like I could tell a difference just after first couple of times using it. Enough to give me the incentive to keep an eye on my symptoms better. Thank you very much. Appreciate this very much.


Awesome product, I will get on buying it. Thanks so much.

SoftenClean review

I have used SoftenClean for about 6 months. I am no longer experiencing the shoulder pain associated with my CAD. There us no way to assure that the improvement is due or soley due as a result of SoftenClean but I'll take the results!


It works!

My LDL has dropped 25 points in 2 months!