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It’s helping

Working very well for my wife and several of my friends I told about. 6 to 8 have already ordered.

soften clean beginner

I don't see nearly as much debris in my urine specimen as your video but there is some. I do feel much better, tho, and my blood pressure is way down. I am anxious for my next doctor visit. Thanks for a great product.

SoutheOut Introductory Pack
Barbara B. (Farmington, US)
t Sansen and Vita Lung

Sansen gives me some energy and I know it keeps my BP down. Was 118 a wk ago. The Vita Lung I think gives me more energy and don’t get as breathless as I used to. SHEBAL has really great products .

supplements from Shebal

I have been taking Sansen and Softclean supplements for the past four months. Both of these supplements compliment one another and have been very effective at improving my heart condition giving my body a better chance to heal. The 20% discount on the 3 month packs has been a great benefit. My breathing balance and walking have all improved. I am still experiencing some tightness in my chest when I walk in the cold but I believe the cold weather restricts my veins, arteries and blood vessels. The service, delivery time, and kindness displayed by Jen Shebal has been awesome. I am a type 2 diabetic and I will be writing to Jen Shebal regarding some other issues I am trying to improve. I look forward to her advice and suggestions.

So far so good

I have cardiovascular issues and I started taking your product 24 days ago. I went to my cardiovascular doctor on 08/10/2023 for a ultrasound on my legs and the results of the ultrasound showed that I was getting excellent blood flow in both legs so I’m very pleased with your product and will be ordering more when I run out of what I have

Barbara B. (Farmington, US)

A VERY Good product. Don’t have the indigestion problems I used to have and nor more leg cramps @ nite.Works for me.

Great product

Have been using this for some time and I am convinced this has helped me to restore deteriorating sight due to artery blockage, also was suffering from floaters which have now completely gone.

Sansen - Quarter Pack 20% Off
Adin &.L. (Sydney, AU)
Awesome products , best of the best

Taken my high blood pressure and brought it to normal healthy levels. Loving all

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Barbara B. (Farmington, US)

Was having to give urine specimen at Drs Ofc and was unable to do so. Was hardly going for some reason. Started taking Revive Yang and now am not having any issues at all. So VERY pleased to have this available. Thanks 😊

SoftenClean Monthly Pack - Get 10% SAVING!
Doni (Huntington Beach, US)

You have excellent customer service. The product came on time. I am still taking them daily for the past four weeks as suggested. I have scheduled a scan after three weeks. I am hoping to have good results to report to you after the scan.

Energy level improved on Softenclean.

I had very low energy after LAD stent placement 14 months ago. I have been on the product for 33 days and see a marked increase in energy.

Feeling Good

Myself and my wife have been taking both Sansen and Soften Clean for two weeks. Feeling good and positive about all. I have shown the products to our Naturopath and she said the herbal ingredients that make it are all very good. Doing the urine cloud test tomorrow and off to the doctors next week to re check blood pressure and other related conditions. Happy days ahead , very glad we discovered Shebal. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Reducing Calcium

Calcium heart score was down from previous measurement done prior to taking this product.

LAURIE C. (Sonora, US)
Shebal Review

I credit prayer firstly and Shebal secondly for helping to restore my health. I contracted covid twice....possibly a third time since late December 2019 after traveling back East. Then I was diagnosed with heart inflammation. I am doing so much better and the last time I was checked by Lifeline Screening there was no blockage found and everything looked good. Thank you so much!

Shebal SoftenClean

Being 45, overweight and admittedly an unhealthy eater, I decided to try SoftenClean after reading the numerous positive reviews. Prior to taking this product, I was experiencing tightness in my chest perodically and felt that I was at risk for a heart attack. I began taking 3 Softenclea before every meal. Within a couple weeks, I was no longer experiencing the tightness in my chest, i am still taking them every day some six months later. While I am still trying to improve on my diet, I no longer feel as if I am in imminent risk for a potential heart attack. This product truly works. I would highly recommend it for anyone concerned with potential heart health issues.

SoftenClean Quarterly Pack - Get 20% SAVING!
Matthew N. (Port Washington, US)
Sheba Soft & Clean Review Matthew Naus

Iave been using your product for over a year now. I recently had a complete checkup and they did not detect any buildup of plaque in my heart arteries. So it seems to be working. My breathing is getting better and I have more energy.

Softclean Quartly pack

I have been taking SoftClean capsules for over a month and have found the capsules to be strong in their affect. The quality is good and there was no stacking up of the capsules when swallowed. I am two weeks into my next pack and have found my breathing more regular and steady. I have interstitial lung disease.

Anne S. (Carrollton, US)
So Thankful to find SoftenClean

I really like SoftenClean. I am feelimg better since i have stared taking it, I am on my first bottle and going to send in another order. I have not had the opportunity to verify by medical testing yet. I will give m body time to change before I have any more tests. but I believe it is working. My last report was that I had high % blockage in my neck arteries. I believe SoftenClean is going to make a big difference. Anne Schultz

Sansen - Quarter Pack 20% Off
Carolyn M. (Kirksey, US)
Life saver

I have been taking Shebal.for almost a year. If I took it the three times a day that I'm suspost to I would see more results. I believe God sent me to this product. I have Terminal Aortic Occlusion & diabetic. The Dr. Tried to replace all the veins in my stomach three times & each time something came up, the last time I was in the operating room & a emergency came in & he took the operating .so I started looking for things that would help my blood flow. At that time I could barely walk & now I have seen about 80% change. I am actually afraid to go off my Shebal.

Annette B. (Queens, US)
Great results

I see a definite improvement in my health and my Carpal tunnel


I love Shebal herbs they make me feel much better and more energy.

Barbara B. (Farmington, US)
Try Enjuven

Helps me urinate better when I was hardly going before. Really notice it when I forget to take it. A helpful supplement for those in need of a little nudge.
Thank you,SHEBAL for all the products you offer.

Peter R. (Bay Shore, US)
very good

I had a blockage in my leg. Not only is the blockage in my leg going away. Also
I believe the veins in my head are opening up . I am thinking alot more clearer.
I take 2 pills every 6 hours, sometimes3 pills. great product.

Vonda F. (Upper Marlboro, US)
Excellent product!

Makes me feel great! Helped with lungs circulation. I’ve had great progress in these areas. I feel wonderful😊😊😊 Product definitely works!

Significant early effects!

I'm a right old cynic (having just turned 70) when it comes to herbal preparations that promise the earth!
But now I'm on my 20th day of taking 2 capsules 3 times a day and confess I have noticed changes.
I cycled up a long, increasingly steep hill yesterday in a strong headwind and wasn't nearly as tired afterwards as I expected. I have noticed my slight brain fog (especially on mornings after arduous exercise) is lifting too. My step is lighter all day, I'm more alert in the evenings and can go to bed later.

Only time will tell how long I will take SoftenClean for. I will carry on throughout autumn/winter then assess my progress. If dramatic, it may be worth taking all year round.
I'm still not sure whether the placebo effect is operating here or not -- but who cares? Even at this early stage, it seems to be working -- but whether the above is the limit of my advance or I continue to improve remains to be seen!

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