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On my third day of use, I am already having a positive relief, this product have relieved me of angina pain, just wanted to try with one pack, I will order more having seen the impact

Great product!

I love how much better I feel after taking SoftenClean. I do notice a difference when I run out.

Great product

Waiting to see the doctor, but have been feeling better, less tired. My blood pressure has been down.

Great Product

This product, has help stabilize my blood sugar, without any side affects

Soften clean

I think soften clean is excellent I feel a great improvement will keep taking it thanks Paul C uk


SoftenClean along with the Sanchi make an amazing difference in the way I feel. I have increased energy, my two autoimmune diseases show less symptoms or none, no heart palpitations, breathing much better. I hope i receive my order soon because I am out of everything. It makes a amazing difference!

Superb products

Shebal is absolutly superb put all my faith in sanchi and softenclean brilliant best stuff ever shebal is awesome

Great Product does prevent your heart and internal veins from Harding

Great product it does prevent your heart and internal veins from Harding.
Didn't want to go on medication slowly over time this product cleared and
soften some my organs .. I was worried didn't want heart surgery .

This really works .

Soften Clean

I received my order in a timely manner. The product is high quality.

Immediate effect

My mom gets tired easily when doing some walking and light household chores. 2 days upon taking this supplement, she immediately felt the effect. She is delighted to say that this thing kinda work. She feels better, can breath normally and she can sleep sound at night. Will definitely have this as her new maintenance supplements.

SoftenClean can stop the pain, Great! I cannot live without it!

I am a post stent-patient with doctor's medical prescriptions living with side affects causing more health damages. But now I feel good since taking SOFTEN CLEAN. But the price is too high and I wish the price become affordable to many other patients in the future.


I ordered the arthbone for my husband, who has osteoarthritis. This is the first natural supplement that is working for him and doing an excellent job to lessen the pain. Your products are the best! Keep up the great work!

Soften Clean

My experience has been that Soften Clean is helping clean the arteries and strengthen the heart muscle.
Customer Service is amazing and delivery is awesome.

Top Sanchi

I,ve been on these for 2 weeks and I already feel the benefits.I,m breathing better and have had no angina attacks.I will continue to buy these and have recommended them to friends. I,m a very happy customer

Great stuff I think I can feel it working.

Life saver

I took my blood pressure every hour I averaged 160/ 90, I started on this product taking six of them a day within three weeks my blood pressure averages 125/70 now.

Soften Clean

Excellent product,works for me. Colesterol and trigliceridos went down drastically and my chest pain is gone.

Breathing Better/No Angina pain

This product is truly true to what it's good for. Prior to taking Soften Clean I was on Isosorbide Mononitrate for Angina. I have since stop taking it and am currently using Soften Clean. The first day I was able to notice a difference in my breathing. I will be ordering again. Now if I can just get something for my joints and muscles.

great service

keep up the good work😇

To soon

I had chest pressure with tiredness after 1/2 mile walk. Took a stress test and was shown to have reduced heart function. I Increased exercise, got off cholesterol. Taking this supplement, aged garlic, co q10, krill supplements and a baby aspirin .
After one month I can walk 1.8 miles at a fast clip before I get the chest pressure. I'm walking an average of 1.5 miles a day up hills. I feel a 10% increase in energy. I'm 77 and believe I'm turning this around. Turned down a stint a month ago and am happy with my decision so far. If I die I'll let you know.

I've taken this for over a year

And will not be without it.
I do not keep track of blood pressure but I do feel its helped my issues. The pain that was present is gone. It helped a thing I call "heavy head" almost immediately.
I have no trouble walking a good half mile when before I could not walk a block without unbearable pain and shortness of breath. I have recommended to quite a few people. I would not do that if it did not help me immensely.

Top Sanchi

Good so far

Safety net!

I am doing well on your product, it is my heart's safety net!


I started taking this product about 8 days ago. I hope it helps with my circulation but I have no idea if it is working yet or not. I hope and pray that it works.

Wow, what a difference.

I finally found an herbal product that seems to work! I had to have a stent put in and felt a little funky after the procedure. I started taking Soften Clean about two weeks after the procedure and from day one I felt better. Try it!

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