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Great product, I believe it's working.

James R. (Santa Rosa, US)
I am not sure yet as i only ordered one bottle

Although, I only took one bottle , I have ordered more , along with IMMUNCAN and I will be in a better position later.
SoftenClean is working on my Cholesterol, LDL, etc plus my diet. I have not got back my ultral sound on my heart , neck and abdominal yet until August 11, 2021 so I will let you know. I

I will comment on my wife ONLY took 1 of your ImmunCan and her nasal polyps shrunk in her sinuses which was about to come out her nose. Also improved her asthma. After years of sinus surgeries to remove her nasal polpys she is thrilled to say the least.

Great stuff!

Had chest pain and started taking Softenclean and pain went far, so good!


This is by far the best product I have ever tried! I have moderate stenosis of the right carotid and my blood pressure was out of control. Now my blood pressure is great. Im on 3 medications and they weren't working. Trust me, I tried everything out there and spent hundreds and thousands of dollars. Sansen really works!!!

Soften clean

I think soften clean is a superb product it is working for me thank you Paul UK

Josh C. (Portland, US)

I started taking these recently and can definitely notice a difference in my overall health feeling. I would recommend these to anyone for a better health.

wonder supplement

My mom and dad has been taking it for few months now and they feel great. No more tiredness and fatigue when walking. I have now included these supplements in their daily intake.

Raymond B. (Port Mansfield, US)
Great stuff the sofenclean

Sure gives you energy it made my feet stop hurting. I can really start to see a difference. My wife has been on it for 2 months and she’s like a energizer bunny it also took major pain she’s had for years with her hips. She jumps right out of the chair now. Great stuff can’t wait to see long term affect. Peace all

Sansen (Original Name Top Sanchi)
Trina g. (Springfield, US)

Great product my husband can see results from his use after a month.

Life saver

After some serious research I found this product. I have been using both the
top Sanchi and the softnclean together. I truly believe both of these products are doing exactly as advertised. I can’t thank you enough! I’ll be reordering soon.
Thanks again!

Powerful Cleaning Action

I'm seeing positive results in waste elimination!

Reduce my plaque

Less inflamtion pain

I did feel better several days later after taking the product. Time will tell if it dissolved some of the artery plaques when I get my new blood test next month. I'm very optimistic.

Zenobia B. (Denver, US)

Think its a great product but a lil pricey but it does work.

Crazy as it seems

Doesn't seem possible, but I think I could feel some positive effects in 5 days.

Jason J. (Ephrata, US)
I love it

Been taking it and have seen good results.
I tell anybody to give it a try

Sansen (Original Name Top Sanchi)
khary w. (East Orange, US)
I love it

So far so good, it helps me a great deal and my chest feels 100% better.

I have been taking soft & clean & shanci for 3weeks ago. I really can't tell much difference yet but I have Terminal Aoritc Occlusion. The only option for me is total vein replacement from breast bone to pelvic bone this is m6 last hope, so I can be patient.i had actually called a Dr. In the reviews to see if it was for real, he verified everything about this company. I can use some prayers that this clears my arteries.

For serious blockages it takes time. We usually suggest a couple of months at least. Do take it regularly at required dosage (at least 3-2-3 or 3-3-3 capsules of each before meals).

Albert D. (Atlanta, US)
Chest Pain

I can feel the different in my chest. I was having sparp chest pains at times. I can feel the different.

James R. (Santa Rosa, US)
Works great

So far it seems to be working on my allergies

John E. (Birmingham, GB)

On my third day of use, I am already having a positive relief, this product have relieved me of angina pain, just wanted to try with one pack, I will order more having seen the impact

Great product!

I love how much better I feel after taking SoftenClean. I do notice a difference when I run out.

Great product

Waiting to see the doctor, but have been feeling better, less tired. My blood pressure has been down.

Great Product

This product, has help stabilize my blood sugar, without any side affects

Soften clean

I think soften clean is excellent I feel a great improvement will keep taking it thanks Paul C uk

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