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Sansen - Month Pack 10% Off
Michael W. (Jacksonville, US)
It truly works

I been talking San Sen for over 6 months closer to a year and it really works a block artery in my left and would be a sleep in about 5 minutes I can walk as long as I want thank You Shebal and San Sen.

Donna C.
Esophagus Guard

Have has trouble swallowing, probably from sinus drainage from damaged nose etc..and after taking 2x, seemed to feel like swallowing was wl continue.
And thanks for such a product..

Soften Clean, and BeatsDia

I ordered these products for my mom who is 81. They have aided in keeping her blood pressure in a manageable state as well as her A1C. I am thankful for these product as others did not help.


I’ve been using this product for awhile now and the only thing i can say is its awsome.

Really like Soften Clean

I have been using Soften Clean for close to a year. I have gotten good results from using this product.

Still going!

I needed a stent two years ago due to blockage. Along with a change in diet, exercise and SoftenClean, things are great. I will continue taking the product.

Great Product

My inflammation was1.7 when I started taking SoftenClean and I went and did another test 3 months later and it was .3 which is excellent, it really works and I will continue to use, I ordered 2 more bottle.

Herbal Painkiller
Barbara B. (Farmington, US)
Herbal Pain killer

Having 4 or so failed back surgeries am taking Herbal Pain Killer which is helping, but really need stronger. Am glad you told me about this as it does help, could be a bit stronger.

How many capsules do you take? We suggest take 3-2-3 capsules per day before meal, and take it regularly (not only when you feel pain). Herbal Pain Ikller is very safe to take and don't cause addiction nor harmful side effects.

Sansen - Month Pack 10% Off
CHAD H. (Spring Hill, US)
Amazing product!!!

Can’t say enough about this product would recommend to anyone wanting to lower cholesterol and feel better!

Barbara B. (Farmington, US)

Have had stomach problems since I was a small child. THIS is the first supplement that has taken care of the problem. I only ordered 1 bottle
to see if it would work and if Works.AM Out and desperately waiting my new
Order. Thank you ever so much.

Yes ReviveYang boosts the energy level of body organs, especially spleen and stomach. It works for even chronic problems (we suggest for large dosage, like 3-2-3 or 3-3-3 capsules before meals).

Leg issue

I was in an accident almost three years ago a serious injury on my lower leg couldn’t heal since taking soft and clean the artery cleared and the healing has started in only two weeks since taking it unbelievable.

Cholesterol & Triglycerides Went Down

I've used SoftenClean for 3ish months now and my bad cholesterol went down from 118 to 107 and my triglycerides from 248 to 182. My blood pressure went down as well. I'm going to continue to use this product and I hope the trend continues.

SoftenClean Monthly Pack - Get 10% SAVING!
Donald B. (Flowery Branch, US)

Delivery was very prompt and the product seems to be working well so far.

SoftenClean Monthly Pack - Get 10% SAVING!
Michael M. (Flower Mound, US)
Helps with blood flow

After recent sonogram blood flow has improved by 7% in my PAD situation. Been taking for 5 months.

I received my monthly supply and I am taking them now. The monthly supply fit’s best in my budget...

I started on the monthly supply and even though it’s a little early I feel better and I know continued use will make my heart stronger and stronger.

Sansen (Original Name Top Sanchi)
Doris W. (Lompoc, US)
Doris W.

I do feel less tired and have more energy, something meds couldn’t do

Anonymous (Houston, US)
Great product!

I bought it for a family member. They have seen a benefit. They told me that they will buy more. Thank you for your great customer service and product!

Making a difference

Finally a product that actually does what its suppose to do!

Excellent product

This seems to have really helped my lung function. My pulse oximeter never read 100% but I have gotten one 💯& several 97,98 %.So, this has to be helping.

Ronald T. (Dallas, US)
Trusted Product

I trust that your product will help me with severe atherosclerosis of my aorta. I have religiously taken Soften Clean and my breathing has improved

Mark R. (Barnsley, GB)
Awesome product

I’ve been taking this for approx 2 weeks and it has definitely improved my circulation and made me feel great I’m taking it as a preventative measure as I had no symptoms but feel the best I’ve felt in years I hope it’s improving my arteries but still something good is going on Thankyou

True medicine

Soften clean has really made a difference in my health. I went from 4 heart attacks and 5 stents to no more heart attacks and no more stents. This medicine has proven to me to be genuine, and it really works like the ad says. Thanks Soften clean and Shebal and all those involved.

Thankful to find this

I'm very thankful for this product, I'm glad I found it and I'm looking forward to seeing the results when I check my arteries for plaque. What I do know is I definitely feel good, I feel like it definitely is helping. My heart feels like it's pumping more efficiently and I have more clarity. Thank you

Chieftian (Chicago, US)
Vita lung

Help support lungs during corina virus

David R. (The Bronx, US)

This product seems to be helping me. I used to be out of breath climbing stairs and felt discomfort in my heart area but not any more.

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