Top doctors now recommending the new herbal cure to heart patients

Clear deadly plaque from arteries without statin medications, needles, or surgery; top doctors from coast-to-coast are now recommending the new SoftenClean™ herbal product to heart patients because it safely dissolves artery blockages
By S.H. Fisher National News Syndicate

NNS — Over 3-million doses have been shipped to heart patients across the country and sales continue to climb every day for the new herbal supplement called SoftenClean™.

"We knew we had a great product, but we did not expect this much demand,' said Kenway Young President of Shebal Health Associates — the makers of this new artery-cleansing sensation. "People just keep placing orders. It's been amazing," he said.
But a closer look at SoftenClean™ suggests that maybe the company should not have been caught off guard by its success.

There are good reasons why SoftenClean™ sales are booming.

To begin with, the results of more than 35,000 patient case studies here in the U.S., and 27,000 in Germany, are impressive to say the least. Many patients taking SoftenClean™ report a 50% reduction in artery plaque. Some users report an incredible 75% reduction.

The active ingredients in SoftenClean™ are all natural extracts. Scientists claim they are both safe and healthy, as tested by hundreds or even thousands (in some cases) years of medical practices. They absorb into the veins so results can be seen quite quickly.

"Many patients notice better blood pressure and cholesterol levels within the first 30 days," said Dr. Alex Livshin, a former Staff Physician at North York General Hospital.


Scientists believe they have discovered two amazing extracts from two species of rare plants only growing in pristine mountaintops of China and Indian. They can soften blood vessels, making them more elastic thus younger, and clear plaque blockages from human arteries. Yes, the same blockages that trigger deadly heart attacks and strokes, which claim the lives of almost 800,000 Americans each year!

These extracts are not drug. They are the active ingredients in SoftenClean™. Clinical studies show it improves blood flow in the veins. Many patients see blood pressure and cholesterol levels return to normal. Some are able to cancel costly drugs. Others avoid open-heart surgery. And many more report less chest pains and numbness in the arms, legs, and feet.

"My femoral arteries were 70% blocked," says James Yates of Vashon, WA. "but SoftenClean™ has pretty much cleaned them out now. It's relief to know I'm not such a high risk person for a heart attack or stroke anymore."


Top scientists at the Cleveland Clinic, the University of California Berkeley, and Providence Hospital in Detroit (among others) have done more than 1,725 studies on SoftenClean's active ingredients. The results seem hard to believe. Yet the findings are published in the world's most prestigious medical journals for all to see.

The results show...
  • Plaque blockages in the arteries get dissolved...
  • Angina symptoms disappear...
  • Bypass surgeries get cancelled...
  • Cholesterol levels return to normal...
  • Blood circulation around the body is improved...
  • Blood vessels become more elastic and less fragile...

And while we all know there is no miracle cure for high blood pressure, one study did show a remarkable 100% of patients had their blood pressure come down to a safer level.

The findings are impressive, no doubt, but results will vary. Consumers are advised to always consult with a doctor. There is no substitute for medical advice.

But with results like these it's easy to see why thousands of people are clicking the mouse trying to get their hands on SoftenClean™.


Most people think plaque is like a rust attached to a pipe. And you can wash it off or dissolve it using some acid. It is not. It actually forms and grows WITHIN blood vessel walls — under a smooth delicate layer called Endothelium. Unnoticeable and painless, plaque grows over years, into an "EXTRA" layer of arteries. It slowly blocks blood flow in the arteries. Worse, a cholesterol plaque can suddenly rupture. The sudden blood clot that forms over the rupture then causes a heart attack or stroke.

The reason cholesterol plaques can form is because the endothelium is damaged. Endothelium is hardening and becoming fragile. It actually CRACKS like a man under pressure when you see it through microscope. It cannot fight off cholesterol plaque and keeps it from entering the artery's wall. White blood cells stream in to DEFEND arteries, but since the front line is lost and open everywhere, over years, the toxic mess of cholesterol and cells becomes a cholesterol plaque in the wall of the artery.

It gets worse with time. As cholesterol plaque builds up, the lining surface of endothelium becomes stickier, attracting even more substances circulating in the blood, including white blood cells.
Repair Damaged endothelium. SoftenClean's active herbal ingredients work by rebuilding arteries' defending line. They heal endothelium, and make its lining surface and layer texture smooth, elastic and stronger than before. A healthy endothelium now can keep cholesterol from entering and clots from forming. It now can handle high pressure of the blood flowing through the arteries.

The active ingredients also absorb into the plaque layer of arteries, and DISSOLVE the existing plaque.
Blocked artery

Clogged Arteries Can Trigger A Heart Attack Or Stroke

Plaque deposits through the "cracked" endothelium layer, and grows larger with each passing year. If ignored, these blockages restrict blood flow to the heart and brain and can trigger a heart attack or stroke.

Cleaned artery

SoftenClean's Active Herbal Extracts Dissolve Blockages And Leave Your Arteries Clean

SoftenClean's active ingredients repair the internal layer of blood vessels, dissolve plaque blockages and then expel them from the body, leaving arteries clean so blood flows freely.

Then the healthier endothelium expels plaque from your arteries into blood stream, transporting it to the liver where it is processed and broken down to substances that can be filtered out of the body as components of urine.

This seems to be another reason why SoftenClean's release has sparked such a frenzy of sale. On one hand it cures the root of plaque blockage — the cracked endothelium. On the other hand it dissolves the existing clots and strengthens body's own function to become healthy. That's why it is 10 times safer and more long-lasting than most chemical medications.


"My files are full of success stories," says Dr. John Roberts, from Anacortes, WA. "One patient of mine had an 85% blockage in two arteries. He could not walk to his mailbox without symptoms of Angina. After a few bottles of SoftenClean™ he's mowing the lawn again without chest pains or numbness in his arms."

"It works wonders for high blood pressure," says Dr. John Terry, an M.D., from Seattle. "In fact I had one patient recently whose blood pressure dropped 18 points after using SoftenClean™ for just one week."

"I've treated over 500 patients with SoftenClean™." says Dr. Ralph Edwards, and M.D., from Tustin, CA, "and the results have been great. It's easy to use. Convenient. It's safe as well. In my mind it's one of the best health products I've seen in 30 years of practice."

Proof that it works:

dissolve blockage
Try this simple at-home test to see blockages that cause heart attacks and strokes getting dissolved and flushed from your arteries.

STEP #1: Use a small, clean glass bottle to store a urine sample. Do this the morning before you begin using SoftenClean™ supplements.
STEP #2: Take SoftenClean™ for two weeks.
STEP #3: Take a second urine sample.
clean clogs
STEP #4: Hold the first (before) sample in from of a bright light and swirl the bottle. You'll observe that the urine is clear.

Then, do the same with the second (after) sample. You'll see a white "tornado" of sediment swirling in the urine. This "tornado" is plaque that's been dissolved and flushed from your arteries: Plaque that might have triggered a deadly heart attack or stroke.
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