Shebal RootGout helps reduce acute pains from gout and rheumatic joints. It also helps boost liver functions and blood circulations.

Shebal Reliver helps reduce fullness pains under ribs, clear internal fire heat in liver, gallbladder and pancreas. It also helps relieve frequent vexations and fevers from internal heat, and restore urination ability.

As a dietary supplement, Reliver is suitable for long-term use.

– Servings per container: 100 capsules
– Ingredients: Bupleurum extracts, scutellariae radix extracts, codonopsis pilosula extracts, pinelliae rhizoma extracts, glycyrrhiza uralensis extracts, ginger extracts and jujube extracts.
– Serving Size: 3 times per day, 3 capsules per time. Take before meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.
– Store at room temperature. Protect from light and keep in a cool and dry place. Not for pregnant women and children.


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Dimensions15 × 12 × 5 cm
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